Christmas Snowflakes Nails Glitter Laser Glitter Nail Glitter Snowflake Winter DIY Nails Decals Nails Decoration

Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails, make your nail shine.
Fantastic gift for friends and family who love to do nail art. Suitable for professional or home use.
Snowflake sequins show different brilliant colors when viewed from different angles and lights. Perfect for any beauty experiment!
You can also use winter Christmas snowflake glitter to decorate your home, cell phone case, glasses, card made, body art, etc.
Holographic nail glitter is also applied to create fun looks for festivals, parties and fun events.

Type: Christmas Nail Decoration Stickers
Designs: snowflake nail tips
Color: mixed color

How to use:
1.Apply a base coat to protect your nails.
2.Choose the nail color and glitter you like.
3.Put the colorful nail flake into your nail with tweezers.
4.Cure it after you finish your nail art

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Source: Dynamic Nail Supply

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