AB Glass Crystals Rhinestones Diamonds For Nail Art Mix Style 3D Decorations Stones Gemstones Gold Edged Charms Set

Excellent Quality: The nail crystal decoration jewelry is selected in good condition.
Curved Back: These crystal nail charms are curved, they will naturally make the charms on the nails.
Wide Applications: Our nail crystal set has the popular color of iridescent AB crystal. It works great for your nail art, craft decoration, clothes, shoes, etc. Is a very personal and fashionable rhinestone for crafting.

Material: glass crystal
Color: crystal AB
Shape: flame, marquise, graphic, rectangle, kite, oval, square, pearl shape, heart, rhombus.
The package includes:
These 3d nail art rhinestone jewelry are available in different styles, which add sparkle and glamor to your crafts, make your nails more dazzling and attractive. They are designed for nails and all the charms are curved, it will be better to put the nails naturally, they work great for your nail art, your cellphone decoration, lighter, clothes, shoes, crafts, etc.
Easy to use:
Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails; Clean the surface of your nails, brush off the base polish and place it on the nails.
Warm Notes:
1. These little crystals are different from these hot fix glass stones and they are not self-adhesive, so you need to apply glue to stick them (the glue is not included in the package).
2. Keep them out of the reach of children.
Tips for the color to last a long time:
Please cover any gold with clear gel polish to prevent the gold from turning brownish.And the diamonds are so shiny that you just need not put varnish on the diamonds.

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Source: Dynamic Nail Supply

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